Bon Voyage - LeftClick is now closed!

Let me say a big THANK YOU to all our friends, followers and loyal customers that have supported LeftClick over the years.

For over 10 years, LeftClick was at the forefront of user-experience research and design within New Zealand and Internationaly. Over this time we've had many ups, a few downs, but more importantly have showed how outcome-driven design can make a real difference to business growth and generated millions of dollars in extra revenues for our clients.

Over the last few years we've experienced a great deal of upheaval, the most notable being the the February 2011 earthquake which took it's toll in a number of ways including my health and family. Ultimately the decision was made to close the doors on LeftClick and move on to pastures new.

And last but not least let me say a heart felt thank you to all of those who have worked on the LeftClick team. You should be proud of what you achieved. Without you, LeftClick would have been nothing.

Until next time, thank heaps and best wishes.

Alan Cox - LeftClick

LeftClick proudly made in Christchurch,  New Zealand